Learning Dynamic Abstract Representations for Sample-Efficient Reinforcement Learning

M. Dadvar, R. K. Nayyar, S. Srivastava

[BibTex] [PDF] arXiv preprint, 2022

Joint Communication and Motion Planning for Cobots

M. Dadvar, K. Majd, E. Oikonomou, G. Fainekos, S. Srivastava

[BibTex] [PDF] [Extended Version] [Poster] [Project Webpage] IEEE Int'l Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2022

Contemporary Research Trends in Response Robotics

M. Dadvar, S. Habibian

[BibTex] [PDF] ROBOMECH 2022

Exploration and Coordination of Complementary Multirobot Teams in a Hunter-and-Gatherer Scenario

M. Dadvar, S. Moazami, H. R. Myler, H. Zargarzadeh

[BibTex] [PDF] [Project Webpage] Complexity 2021

Design and Implementation of a Maxi-Sized Mobile Robot (Karo) for Rescue Missions

S. Habibian, M. Dadvar, B. Peykari, A. Hosseini, M. H. Salehzadeh, A. H. Hosseini, F. Najafi

[BibTex] [PDF] [Project Webpage] ROBOMECH 2021

A Dynamic Territorializing Approach for Multi-Agent Task Allocation

M. M. Islam, M. Dadvar, H. Zargarzadeh

[BibTex] [PDF] [Project Webpage] Complexity 2020

Multi-Agent Task Allocation in Complementary Teams: A Hunter-and-Gatherer Approach

M. Dadvar, S. Moazami, H. R. Myler, H. Zargarzadeh

[BibTex] [PDF] [Project Webpage] Complexity 2020


Task Planning for Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems in Dynamic Environments

M. Dadvar, D.Eng. Dissertation. Supervised by Prof. Hassan Zargarzadeh

[BibTex] [PDF] Lamar University 2020

Entropy-Based Experience Replay in Reinforcement Learning

M. Dadvar, M.Sc. Thesis. Supervised by Prof. Peggy Isreal Doerschuk

[BibTex] [PDF] [Code] Lamar University 2020